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One-on-One In Person Sessions


10 sessions $60/Hr

20 sessions $50/Hr

             $35/Half Hour

   Travel time  Extra   $5.00 up to 10kms  

                                        $10.00 up to 15kms

Group Rates

2 People $50 Each

3 People $35 Each

4 People $25 Each

Bootcamps    minimum 5 people/10  max   **Only available when there is a group of people looking to do a bootcamp/circuit. Get your friends together and I will make it happen.  Always lots of laughing and sweating.  We can negotiate a price based on how many participants.  

My rates are not written in stone.

Every situation is different. I always find it best to talk on the phone or meet up to feel things out and see what we can make work.  It's important that there is a connection.  The trainer client relationship is a special one.  

This gives you an idea of what Personal Training is going to cost you. You cannot judge a trainer by their rates, that's for sure. I didn't get into this business to make a ton of money. If I won the lottery, I would still be giving people fitness advice because it changes their lives. If they listen to me, that is. I am available 7 days, so there is really no reason to not work out. If you are not headed in the direction you want to go, call me and let's get you pointed and moving in the right direction.

          Today is always the day to change your life.




                             Wellness/Life Coaching, 
                             Monthly check ins, 
                             On-line training, 
                             Nutrition coaching, etc



How much is a healthy fit body worth to you?


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